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Case Study: Streamlining E-commerce for Vincent & Barn with Tailored Web Development Solutions

Case Study: Streamlining E-commerce for Vincent & Barn with Tailored Web Development Solutions


Vincent & Barn, a Wokingham-based designer and manufacturer of Rustic and Industrial Furniture, faced a critical challenge in their e-commerce operations. Manual processes hindered their ability to manage orders, invoices, and payments seamlessly. They turned to us, Dev Partners Ltd, for expertise in overcoming these obstacles and enabling business growth.

Project Analysis

Leveraged GraphQL to seamlessly interact with Shopify's API for order details and refund statuses. Meticulously compared and synchronised financial data with FreeAgent's total calculation steps. Introduced VAT Adjustment line items to maintain accuracy in invoices and credit notices.

Client Requirements

Vincent and Barn needed to eliminate the labourious process of manually creating invoices on FreeAgent. They sought a solution to streamline operations and foster growth.

Bespoke Functionality

Developed a bespoke solution that fully integrated with existing accounting methods.

Conducted a full financial reconciliation process during UAT and sign-off phase. Ensured 100% synergy between Shopify and Freeagent systems.

Vincent & Barn's Story: A Tale of Streamlined Operations

Vincent & Barn, a renowned name in Rustic and Industrial Furniture in Wokingham, UK, approached us, Dev Partners Ltd, with a common challenge faced by many small businesses: manual processes hindering growth. With a clear directive to eliminate inefficiencies, they entrusted us to transform their e-commerce landscape.

Streamlining Operations with GraphQL Integration

Our development team harnessed the power of GraphQL to seamlessly interact with Shopify's API, ensuring smooth retrieval of order details and refund statuses. Beyond data retrieval, meticulous comparison and synchronisation of financial data were crucial. By introducing VAT Adjustment line items, we maintained accuracy in invoices and credit notices, paving the way for efficient operations.

Bespoke Solution for Enhanced Efficiency

Vincent and Barn's laborious invoicing process on FreeAgent was a major bottleneck. Our bespoke solution not only eliminated this process but also exceeded expectations. We molded and adapted standard APIs from Shopify and Freeagent to integrate seamlessly with existing accounting methods. Through rigorous UAT and sign-off phases, we ensured 100% synergy between the integrated systems, leaving no room for error.


Vincent & Barn's journey is a testament to the transformative power of tailored web development solutions. By addressing their specific pain points and delivering a bespoke solution, we enabled them to refocus on their craft and fuel business growth. As small businesses strive to streamline operations and embrace digital transformation, partnering with a software company like Dev Partners Ltd, a software company in Kent, that works with small businesses is essential.


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