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Creating an Event Website using Bespoke Software Development.

Creating an Event Website using Bespoke Software Development.

What does bespoke mean in software development with Dev Partners?

Customised bespoke software provides distinct advantages in terms of control, ease of use, effectiveness, adaptability, branding, and security, surpassing pre-packaged solutions in tailoring and long-term support for business expansion.

The Engineering Network Ltd, a powerhouse in publishing and event organising, needed a website for their prestigious event, Machine Building Live. The goal? To create an online hub that not only promoted the event but also enticed exhibitors and streamlined registrations.

Keep reading to find out what we did to enhance this job.

What is the difference between Customised and bespoke software?

Bespoke software is designed to be handled with your company's existing practices and available tools. Dev Partners offer a customised software solution which belongs to you, whereas off-the-shelf packages are usually owned by the developing company.

Whatever your business needs are, customised software can get it done.

First things first, we delved into the nitty-gritty of the project. Armed with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap, we crafted a website that not only looked sleek but also functioned flawlessly.

Using MySQLi database and Google Analytics, we ensured smooth data management and tracked website traffic with precision.

Why would a company use bespoke software?

Bespoke software offers unique control, simplicity, efficiency, scalability, branding, and security advantages, surpassing off-the-shelf solutions in personalization and long-term business growth support.

Our developers at Dev Partners Ltd faced challenges head-on, especially with the sticky navigation bar request. After some trial and error, we found the perfect solution – one bar fixed, the other sticky. It was a small tweak but made a huge difference in user experience.

Front-End Finesse

We didn't just stop at functionality; we wanted the website to pop visually too.

Utilising PHP scripts and CSS, we created a user-friendly interface that showcased event details, exhibitors, venue info, and downloadable resources with ease.

Plus, we added a slick carousel of event sponsors' logos to keep things dynamic.

What is bespoke software and why should you use bespoke?

Bespoke software is described as software directed at the needs and wants of both your customer and company brand. It is a growing trend in the digital world.

Bespoke software UK with Dev Partners offers a streamlined experience.

As technology advances and users evolve, bespoke software is being seen as a necessity in order to meet the complex demands of businesses and users.

We didn't just want to promote the event; we wanted to make attending a breeze.

Our contact form doubled as a lead generation tool, seamlessly creating contacts for potential attendees in the backend. This allowed the client to follow up efficiently and manage communications effortlessly.

Advantages of bespoke design with Dev Partners UK.

With a responsive design and custom solutions, our website not only met but exceeded client expectations. The result? Increased exhibitor bookings and a streamlined registration process.

By opting for bespoke development instead of off-the-shelf software, we delivered a solution that was tailor-made for success.

So, there you have it – a behind-the-scenes look at how we transformed Machine Building Live into an online sensation.

If you've got an event on the horizon, don't settle for ordinary. Invest in bespoke development, and watch your event soar to new heights online.


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