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ClubFace-Golf (CFG) is a Social Network designed specifially for golfers. The project involved creating a brand new site with improved functionality, user experience and speed.

This was the first experience of building a social network for the development team, which provided a unique challenge.

Project Analysis

The research was carried out by the client, based on the experience and feedback from users of the older version of ClubFace-Golf. The developers then analyzed the research data to create a plan for the new site.

To develop a modern and efficient solution for our client's golfing social network, we started by thoroughly reviewing the legacy platform. This involved a comprehensive analysis of the existing features, functionalities, and limitations of the previous platform. We dedicated a significant amount of time to this process to ensure that we could identify areas for improvement and come up with a solid plan for the new system. Drawing on our expertise and industry knowledge, we created a comprehensive and modern plan that addressed the key pain points of the old system while incorporating new, innovative features to enhance the user experience.

Client Requirements

To fulfill the crucial need for text chat integration, we opted for CometChat as the leading solution in providing top-tier chat and video calling features. We were able to link the existing users and create "Comet Chat" accounts in real-time, enabling them to use the chat functionality seamlessly. With these accounts, all user messages are now managed by Comet Chat, giving our customer full control over their accounts and the ability to access user-generated reports.

Another requirement was a custom advertising system, allowing people to pay for advertising on the site with various sizes, guides and timeframes. Options were provided for paying per click or flat rates for time periods. This can all be managed through the backend, and there are multiple accounts for different levels of management.

Bespoke Functionality

One of the major enhancements was the implementation of infinite scrolling for posts. Posts are pulled in using AJAX calls, and then the Handlebars technology is used to render the post data using a template to display the post. This means that the post data is pulled from the server and rendered using a template to display the post, so most of the hard work is done by the client's machine. This improves performance and allows the user to freely scroll to their heart's content.

On the backend, the site was built using MongoDB, RESTful, and Amazon AWS, which allowed for the handling of large datasets required for a social media application. The frontend is built using vanilla Javascript and Handlebars for the templating element. All coding is 100% bespoke.

“ Dev Partners has done an exceptional job in creating a safe and user-friendly environment for golfers to connect, share their experiences, and build their golfing community. The platform is intuitive, responsive, and visually appealing, making it easy for users to navigate and find what they are looking for.

Furthermore, the development team has shown a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of golfers, creating a platform that meets their specific requirements. The developers have gone above and beyond to ensure that the platform provides a secure and engaging space for golfers to interact and connect with each other, as well as with golf clubs as either members or guests.

I am excited about the upcoming launch of Clubface Cricket, which I am sure will be as successful and innovative as Clubface-Golf. The team at Dev Partners have proven themselves to be a skilled and dedicated team of developers, and I am confident that their work on Clubface-Cricket will be just as exceptional. ”

Paul McEldon - CEO

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