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Vincent & Barn, designers and manufacturers of Rustic and Industrial Furniture in Wokingham, UK, sought our expertise to overcome a critical challenge in their e-commerce landscape.

They grappled with manual processes which hindered their ability to seamlessly manage orders, invoices, and payments.

This case study delves into how our tailored web development solutions bridged this gap, enabling Vincent and Barn to refocus on their craft and business growth.

Project Analysis

To materialize this integration, our development team leveraged GraphQL, an open-source data query language, to interact seamlessly with Shopify's API for retrieving order details and refund statuses.

The challenge extended beyond data retrieval — ensuring accurate financial data alignment demanded a meticulous approach. Replicating FreeAgent's total calculation steps, we meticulously compared and synchronized totals with Shopify's data. Introducing a VAT Adjustment line item where required to invoices and credit notices proved instrumental in maintaining parity across both platforms.

Client Requirements

Vincent and Barn confronted a significant hurdle with their existing system—a laborious and time-consuming process that required them to manually create invoices on FreeAgent. This system proved not only cumbersome but also untenable for a business aspiring to streamline operations and foster growth.

Seeking liberation from the inefficiencies of this process, Vincent and Barn approached us with a clear directive: a solution that eradicated the need for replicating Shopify invoices on FreeAgent.

This pivotal requirement framed our development approach, steering us towards a bespoke solution that not only met their needs but transformed their entire invoicing workflow, allowing them to bid farewell to the time-draining manual processes of the past.

Bespoke Functionality

Our bespoke solution not only met but exceeded Vincent and Barn's expectations, moulding and adapting the standard APIs supplied by both Shopify and Freeagent to fully integrate and comply with the existing accounting methods already in place at Vincent & Barn.

To ensure 100% synergy between the two, newly integrated systems, a full financial reconciliation process was carried out during the UAT and sign-off phase.

This thorough approach is always undertaken by Dev Partners, particularly when key financial records are involved, to ensure everything is watertight prior to production release.

“ As small business owners it is really hard to compete with the big boys so we are always looking of ways of off loading the basic stuff like admin so we can focus on design, development and marketing. A chance encounter with Jeff caught us at the right time and in the right place. Within one call we felt at ease and these guys got it, from then on it was pretty straight forward, explain as much about the problem and current process and let Dev Partners do their thing. Stephen was really great to work with, fast response to questions and queries which kept the project constantly moving forward and never short of solutions. Investments like this are pretty significant for us but I have to say worth every penny ”

Vincent & Barn

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