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Manual import into Perch blog

Following on from the re=indexing post, here is some code we've used to create blog post entries within Perch CMS

$API = new PerchAPI(1.0, 'perch_blog');
$Posts = new PerchBlog_Posts($API);
$Template = $API->get('Template');
$Template->set('blog/post.html', 'blog');
$post['postTitle'] = "TEST POST";
$post['postDateTime'] = date('Y-m-d H:i:s');
$post['postStatus'] = 'Draft';
$post['postDescRaw'] = "Stuff\nMore stuff";
$post['postDescHTML'] = "<p>Stuff</p><p>More stuff</p>";

// JSON encoded fields
$fields['excerpt']['raw']       = "This is the excerpt";
$fields['excerpt']['processed'] = "<p>This is the excerpt</p>";
$fields['image']['_default'] = "/perch/resources/june14-1.jpg";
$fields['image']['path'] = basename("/perch/resources/june14-1.jpg");
$fields['image']['bucket'] = "default";
$fields['image']['sizes']['thumb']['w'] = 100;
$fields['image']['sizes']['thumb']['path'] = $fields['image']['path'];
$fields['image']['sizes']['thumb']['mime'] = "image\/jpeg";

$post['postDynamicFields'] = PerchUtil::json_safe_encode($fields);

$Post = $Posts->create($post, $Template);

Hopefully the above may be useful to someone else


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