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Perch Runway Review

Perch Runway Review First of all, a disclaimer: we love the Perch CMS. Due to its flexible nature and ability to retrofit into any design, without the need for following the semantics of a "template language", we have used it extensively since around 2012. For those who aren't familiar with Perch, I strongly advise a visit to to to see what all the fuss is about. Although Perch is a fantastic system, there have been occasions where we've pushed it right to limits. We were therefore very excited to hear of Perch Runway, its "big brother", which was released a couple of years ago. It offers a lot of additional functionality, and still at a reasonable price point. For a full list of features, take a look at but, I'm happy to report that, through the addition of collections, multiple category sets and its fantastic API coverage, we have just been able to complete a major site build, full of custom functionality, in record time. Normally we'd end up writing custom apps for Perch and finding inventive, yet effective, ways of "bending" the core system to provide what we need - not so with Perch Runway. I'm sure we will find its limits at some point but we are very pleased, having built a site that includes a custom helpdesk system, events listings, three levels of logged in user and numerous other fancy items, all without writing a line of custom code. Overall verdict: very impressed. Published

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